Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Birthday

This coming Wednesday (19 February) is my eldest daughter’s 24th birthday.

Sadly I am estranged from her and her sister after a nightmare divorce from their mother and have not seen either of them since December 2011.

Recently I sent my eldest a note to try to arrange to meet before her birthday and then a birthday card. Both were “returned to sender” by her mum.

So, if you should see this, here are your card and your present (unwrapped now) and my message to you, my daughter.

Dear Darling,

The other Saturday I waited for an hour for you in a coffee shop in Lewes Precinct, hoping against hope that you would come to see me.

I wanted us to talk and to have a chance to give you your birthday present and card. I so wanted to see you and your sister, too.

When I returned home to Hove, I found the note inviting you to meet me had been sent back unopened - by your mum.

So, I posted you a birthday card, marked as such on the envelope, and emailed Mum asking her not to send back my mail. Within days it was also sent back to me by her, marked “Return to Sender”.

The day you were born was one of the two happiest days of my life. The other was when your sister was born.

I miss you both enormously and would love to see you or even receive a phone call from you. It would mean so much to me.

I hope you have a great day this coming Wednesday (19 February 2014) with your sister, Mum and Smiffy the cat and really enjoy your birthday.

Please get in touch. 

Your present is waiting for you and so is your father.

Much love, Dad xxxxxx

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