Friday, April 14, 2017

A Surprise

It is more than five years since I split up from my ex-wife and also since I was last allowed to see my daughters, Edie and Frances.

So I was surprised to receive a large package around a month ago, sent by my ex, containing mementos and possessions that I had forgotten all about.

There were a lot of interesting items from my years in Coventry and Hull, which I examined and filed away, in among a certain amount of junk which I threw out.

But the most precious item for me was a card sent to me by one of my daughters, Edie and Frances, when she was little. I had forgotten all about it and it is so lovely. I have put it beside my bed.

Every day I think of my daughters. Edie (Edlyn) is now 27, but I have no idea where she is or what she is doing.

I spent 18 years bringing her up with my ex, but there has been no contact.

Frances is about six years younger than Edie, and will be 21 on 30 June 2017. I believe she is in her second year studying history at the University of Oxford.

Every day I write in a little notebook that I will see them again soon. I have to cling onto hope. How I wish it will come true.

I wonder what they are doing this Easter, if they are with their mum (who won't talk to me) in Lewes, or in Oxford or somewhere else.

We spent so many Easters together before the big split.

I wish they would get in touch and come to visit me.

I don't even have the photos I took of them when they were small. My ex kept them.

For the moment, almost all I have to remember them is this.

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