Saturday, May 24, 2014

Introducing Mr Cheeky

I have a new friend and flatmate. His name is Mr Cheeky.

I visited the Lost Cats charity house in Brighton a little under two weeks ago and fell for the youngster at our first meeting.

Mr Cheeky (formerly known as Arnie) was abandoned and had lived rough on the streets for a month.

He must have lost a lot of weight, but a kindly person started feeding him and reported him as a stray to Lost Cats.

When I first set eyes on him, he was in a multi-coloured basket in an enclosure at the charity in Brighton.

He had had an operation the day before but immediately started miaowing and rose to bunt my hand with his nose.

It was as if he was asking me to take him home.

I put my name down for Mr Cheeky, and the Lost Cats ladies said I would not be able to have him for around three weeks.

However, a few days later, they phoned to say there had been a change of plan. On Monday he arrived at Chez Ol in Hove.

Fortunately for Mr Cheeky, I am now at home full-time.

He likes and needs a lot of love and affection.

I was worried about how he would settle in, but Mr Cheeky immediately explored the flat and made himself at home.

He loves to sit on my lap, to give me a nosey or follow me around and watch whatever I am doing.

He does not particularly like me going out but soon settles down for a well-earned rest on the bed.

At night he also sleeps on the bed, usually at the bottom. However, the other morning, I woke up to find him asleep stretched out lengthways, with his head on the pillow next to mine!


He likes to play with my slippper but his favourite toy is definitely his cloth mouse on an elastic line.

Sometimes he jumps two feet into the air to catch the mouse, almost somersaulting in the process.

If he does not catch it after a couple of attempts, he retreats stealthily behind chair before running and pouncing on the toy rodent.

He has also developed an interest in music, watching the records go round and round, and curling up next to me while I practise the guitar.

Mr Cheeky also likes to rearrange my singles while hiding behind them.

Lost Cats said he was two years old but I wonder if he is not younger than that.

He seems very kittenish to me, very fleet of foot and mischievous. He knocked a glass of water over this morning while checking out my bedroom table.

And he sneaked out into the hall in the blink of an eye while I leaned out to pick up the mail!

I did not notice until I heard him miaowing on the other side of the door!

He also bolts into the bedroom cupboard before you notice, meaning you have to check the compartments before closing the door.
In short, Mr Cheeky is a living joy.

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Blogger The Poet Laura-eate said...

His DJ-ing has to be seen to be believed! He really has the hang of that scratch mixing and surprisingly punk tastes! Lx

Monday, 26 May, 2014  

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