Friday, July 18, 2014

Mr Cheeky's Girlfriend

No wonder Mr Cheeky has been as keen as mustard to get out again - he has a girlfriend!

I came back from my morning constitutional to find them sleeping close to each other.

They spent the whole day together, playing and cuddling, and quite often kipping a few feet apart
because of the tremendous heat.

It is great to see the Cheekster so happy.

I just hope it makes him more sensible when he goes out during the day.

I still keep him in at night - and have yet to buy him pet insurance. A job for tomorrow, perhaps.

It has been a very strange time. I cannot say what has been happening workwise for legal reasons, though the image at the bottom of this posting may give you a clue of the depressing state of play.

I have been busy on several fronts, while trying to keep up my spirits.

The weather, of course, has been unbelievably good. It is hard to work for nothing when the sun is shining so brilliantly.

I have a routine. I see my girlfriend, Laura, to the bus stop in the morning. Then I walk along the seafront and see the gang - Nicky, Alice, Lindsay, Lauren - at my favourite cafe, Picnics, in Victoria Terrace, Hove, for a cup of tea.

Back at home, I do some writing and emails until lunchtime, usually a sandwich. Then some housework and maybe a single or two on the turntable.

I believe everyone has a beach sport in them - and mine is basketball. I walk down to the basketball court with my ball, do some shooting practice and persuade the youths to let me join in a game.

It is more than 40 years since I last played basketball - at Henry Harbin Secondary Modern school (now called Poole High School), in Poole, Dorset.

But I am not quite as bad as you would imagine and really enjoy it.

Here are some images of my basketballing - three days in!

And also some of the sights I capture on my little camera on my wanderings around Brighton and Hove.

More news soon. . . 

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